We'll Carry Your Light

     We'll Carry Your Light is a scholarship program created to give a recipient funds towards their nursing education.  The scholarship is open to nurses who have actively pursued and completed courses towards the advancement of professional nursing practice.

     What's in a logo?  Nursing isn't just a career, nursing is a tradition that started in 1860 with the creation of the Florence Nightingale School for Nurses.  The lantern is easily one of the most recognizable images in relation to nursing practice.  Along with the lantern are three figures representing the never ending nursing practice encompassing past, present, and future.  Nursing never ends, but instead carries on like a relay race with a new generation of nurses picking up where the last one left off.  We'll Carry Your Light signifies that your practice, your light, does not extinguish but will be carried on and passed to future generations of nurses.

     If you'd like to contribute to the scholarship fund, please contact us to learn how.


     Thank you,

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