Medical Human Lumbar Vertebrae Combination of Normal And Pathological Models

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Color: As the picture shows
This degenerative lumbar vertebrae disk disease model is designed as a visual leaning aid suitable for anatomy and physiology courses, professional orthopedics, rheumatologists, chiropractic medicine, general anatomical study or rehab for patient education/demonstration of procedures.
Shown are a normal pair of lumbar vertebrae, a pair with a bulging herniated disc, a vertebrae set with bone and disc degeneration, and finally, advanced osteoporosis with serious bone compression and bone spurs.
Models can be removed for individual inspection and study.
The first group:
Show contrast normal vertebral disc and disc herniation
The second group:
Show vertebra bone and disc degeneration, osteoporosis and bone spurs caused by bone compression demos
Material: PVC
Package: 4*Lumbar Vertebrae Models